Quizzing Grand Prix Circuit

This page provides information about the British individual quiz circuit run by Quizzing Ltd.

These are not ABQL events, but many ABQL member league players already compete in them, and we believe that others will also be interested.

There is a Grand Prix event on the first Saturday of each month. The main event is an individual written quiz of 240 questions. This is usually followed by a traditional table quiz and a second, shorter written quiz (the international Hot 100).

These events are an opportunity to meet and compete with and against some of the strongest and best-known quizzers in the country (Kevin Ashman, Pat Gibson etc). But rest assured, the quizzes are still accessible and enjoyable for the 'ordinary' quizzer. There are 6 different subject categories, called 'genres', in the main Grand Prix quizzes (Art & Culture, Civilisation, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Physical World and Sport): so there should be something to suit all tastes. Each genre constitutes a separate competition in which medals can be won, and your weakest category doesn’t count in your overall score. The questions in each genre cover a range of difficulty from quite easy to moderately hard (with 10 additional hard questions at the end to separate the big boys). You can also compare yourself against your peers over time because points are awarded following each Grand Prix towards Quizzing's annual and all-time Order of Merit rankings, which you can see here.

The individual quizzes start at 11.30 am, and the events usually finish by around 5.30 pm. The cost is £25 (half price for first timers) including buffet lunch.

The current programme is:

Sat 3 March 2018Quizzing Grand Prix (Quest)
Sat 7 April 2018Quizzing Grand Prix (Quest)
Sat 5 May 2018Quizzing Grand Prix (Quest)
Sat 2 June 2018World Quizzing Championships (Various)
Sat 7 July 2018Quizzing Grand Prix (Quest)
Sat 4 August 2018Quizzing Grand Prix (Quest)
Sat 1 September 2018British Quizzing Championships (TBC)
Sat 6 October 2018Quizzing Grand Prix (TBC)
Sat 3 November 2018Quizzing Grand Prix (TBC)
Fri 9 November - Sun 11 November 2018European Quizzing Championships (Venice)
Sat 1 December - Sat 5 January 2019British Open (TBC)

Full details of the venues can be found here.

For more information and to sign up to attend a Grand Prix, see www.quizzing.co.uk or www.facebook.com/groups/143784685654246/.